audio mastering studio
100% Music Studio provides audio mastering, CD mastering, audio mixing, and composition and arrangement services to artists, producers and labels around the world via mail or internet.

  • Audio mastering: this includes polishing the audio mix, optimizing loudness, equalization and compression, managing bass levels and assuring mono compatibility. Also included: DC offset supression and preparing tracks for radio airplay. Songs are provided ready for CD duplication in 16 bit wav format at 44,100 Hz, and mp3’s at 320 kbps.
  • Audio mixing: combining the recorded tracks (eg: voice, drums, bass...) into a coherent mix.
  • Arranging and Remixing: we can bring out the best in your compositions, creating a complete accompaniment (eg: drums, bass, strings, solo guitars, choirs...) around a melody or musical theme.

You may send us your songs online through our our upload form, by mail or by email. Check out demos of our work on the audio demo page.




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